Sholapur is a metropolitan area in India
Inhabitants: 1,100,000 (World Rank 414)
Current Time:  
Flag India
Solapur is a city and a municipal corporation in south eastern Maharashtra, India near the Karnataka border and is the administrative headquarters of Solapur District.Solapur is a melting pot with a confluence of Marathi, Telugu and Kannada languages.It is an important junction on the north-south railway line. Solapur is a town with an array of small and medium scale industries. Solapur is a leading center for cotton mills and power looms. Solapur bed-sheets ('chaddars') have earned fame and reputation for their novel designs and durability[citation needed]. The chief deity of the city is Shri Siddeshwar.The "Nandidhwaj" procession on Makar Sankranti fair is attended by millions of devotees.
Solapur is transport hub connecting Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is well connected by Road and Rail to major districts and cities. Akkalkot is the site of Akkalkot Swami Maharaj Math, visited yearly by huge number of people from Maharashtra and neighbouring Karnataka. Also a annual fair is held in the month of January wherein huge croud comes from various parts of country, which is called as Gadda Fair in vernacular language.