Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia
Inhabitants: 15,100,000 (World Rank 15)
incl. Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang
Current Time:  
Flag Indonesia
This page is about the capital city of Indonesia. For the band , see Jakarta (band). For The Apache Jakarta project, see Jakarta Project.
Jakarta (also DKI Jakarta), is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. It was formerly known as Sunda Kelapa (397-1527), Jayakarta (1527-1619), Batavia (1619-1942), and Djakarta (1942-1972). Located on the northwest coast of the Java Island, it has an area of 661.52 km² and an official population of 8,389,443 (2000). Jakarta currently is the eleventh largest city in the world. Its metropolitan area is called Jabodetabek and contains more than 23 million people, and is part of an even larger Jakarta-Bandung megalopolis.[citation needed]
Jakarta is served by the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Since 2004, Jakarta, while under the governance of Sutiyoso, has built a new bus system known as "TransJakarta" or "Busway" and is planning to increase the number of Busway routes. The city had hoped to establish its newest transportation system, the Jakarta Monorail, in 2007, but the project has been delayed and its completion date is uncertain. Jakarta also is the location of the Indonesia Stock Exchange and the National Monument, Tugu Monas.