Madurai is a metropolitan area in India
Inhabitants: 1,350,000 (World Rank 341)
Current Time:  
Flag India
Madurai was the capital city of the Pandya kings of South India. Madurai's cultural heritage goes back 2500 years and the city has been an important commercial center since as early as 550 C.E.
In legend, the original town of Madurai was destroyed by a tsunami in ancient Lemuria (continent). The new city was home to the last Tamil Sangam in the early part of last Century. The great National Poet Subramanya Bharathi worked as a Tamil language pandit/ teacher in Sethupathy High School in Early 20th Century . There is a village town in the neighbouring District of Dindigul called Vada Madurai and another in a neighbouring District called Mana Madurai in Sivagangai District.