Dhanbad is a metropolitan area in India
Inhabitants: 1,290,000 (World Rank 359)
Current Time:  
Flag India
The Indian School of Mines, located in Dhanbad, draws students from all over India through, as well as some other countries through IIT JEE. The Central Mining Research Institute (CMRI), and the Central Fuel Research Institute (CFRI), both of which are controlled by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), are located in the area. Now They are merged and renamed as Central Institute for Mining and Fuel Research (CIMFR). The economy of Dhanbad is mainly dependent upon coal and coal based industries. Dhanbad is on main rail track from Kolkata to Delhi and all the important trains enroute like Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani Express stop here.
Tata Steel has set up mines in the area. Coal washing and coke making are the main coal related industry in the city.
Other major companies having a presence in the mining activities of this city are: IISCO (Indian Iron And Steel Company), BCCL (Bharat Coking Coal Ltd). BCCL a subsidiary of the CIL (Coal India Ltd) is the largest operator of steel mines in this area and has open cast mines as well as underground mines, whereas Tata Steel has mostly underground mines. These companies have developed townships for its employees containing roads, water, power and sanitation facilities.
Dhanbad has produced shining stars for India at national level. Schooling in Dhanbad is among one of the best in country. With good faculty most of the schools come out with flying colours in board examinations. Dhanbad produces high IIT rankers year after year. Bokaro a city in Jharkhand besides dhanbad produces IIT toppers and gives India representatives for International Mathematics Olympiad.
The maximum temperature in winter is 22°C, and the minimum is 8°C. In summer, the maximum is 42°C, and the minimum is 22°C.