São Paulo
São Paulo is a metropolitan area in Brazil
Inhabitants: 20,600,000 (World Rank 7)
incl. Guarulhos
Current Time:  
Flag Brazil
São Paulo ([sɐ̃ʊ̯̃ ˈpaʊ̯lʊ] (help·info)) is the capital of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The city is the largest in Brazil and first in South America by population. It is located in the South East of the country. It is also the richest city of Brazil. The name means Saint Paul in Portuguese.
The city has an area of 1,523 square kilometres (588 sq mi) and a population of 10,886,518, which makes it the most populous in Brazil, in South America and in the southern hemisphere. Greater São Paulo, which includes adjacent municipalities, has a population close to 20 million, making it the third largest in the Americas, and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world.
People from the city of São Paulo are known as paulistanos, while paulistas designates anyone from the whole of São Paulo state, including the paulistanos. The city's Latin motto is Non ducor, duco, which translates as "I am not led, I lead". A famous nickname for the city is "Sampa". São Paulo is also known for its unreliable weather, the sheer size of its helicopter fleet, architecture and multitude of skyscrapers. The São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport connects São Paulo with many Brazilian cities and also operates international flights.