Campinas is a metropolitan area in Brazil
Inhabitants: 2,825,000 (World Rank 141)
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Flag Brazil
Campinas (pronounced [kɐ̃ːˈpinɐs]) is a city and county (município) located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.
The county area is 797,6 km². Population is approximately 1,059,420 (2004 est.), with over 98% in the urban region. Its metropolitan area, defined in 2000, has some 19 cities and a population of 3,2 million people. Campinas is also the administrative center of the meso-region of the same name, with 3,641,766 inhabitants (2005 est.) and 49 cities. It is the third largest city in the state, after São Paulo (10,927,985 inhab. - 2006 est.) and Guarulhos (1,283,253 inhab. - 2006 est.).