Lyon is a metropolitan area in France
Inhabitants: 1,430,000 (World Rank 317)
Current Time:  
Flag France
Lyon, also known as Lyons in English (Liyon in Franco-Provençal, while former names include Lugdunum in Latin, pronounced [ljɔ̃] in French and /liˈɒn/ or /laiənz/ in English) is a city in east central France. It is the third largest French city, the first being Paris and the second Marseille. It is a major centre of business, situated between Paris and Marseille, and has a reputation as the French capital of gastronomy and a significant role in the history of cinema. It is also the religious capital of France for the Roman Catholic Church.
Together with its suburbs and satellite towns, Lyon forms the second largest metropolitan area in France after Paris, with 1,783,400 inhabitants at the 2007 estimate, and approximately the 20th to 25th largest metropolitan area of Western Europe. Its "urban region" (Région Urbaine de Lyon), represents half of the Rhône-Alpes région population with 2,9 million inhabitants. Lyon is also a major industrial center specialized in chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries.
Lyon is the préfecture (capital) of the Rhône département, and also the capital of the Rhône-Alpes région. The city is known for its historical and architectural landmarks and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Lyon is known to be the silk capital of the world and is a centre for fashion. It is also hosting the international headquarters of Interpol and EuroNews.