Taoyuan is a metropolitan area in Taiwan
Inhabitants: 1,920,000 (World Rank 212)
incl. Chungli
Current Time:  
Flag Taiwan
Taoyuan is commonly known as a commercial county with Taiwan’s international airport. Yet, the multiple cultures formed by different ethnic groups in the county, the local natural landscape, and its other names such as the kingdom of flowers and plants and the country of a thousand ponds are different aspects of the county that qualify Taoyuan as a 100% scenic county. The CKS Mausoleum in Cihu, the CCK Mausoleum in Touliao, the Window of China Theme Park, the Mt. Jiao-ban, and the Divine Tree Area in the Mt. Daguan Natural Preservation are the most famous attractions in the county.
Taoyuan is the native home to the Plains tribes of Aborigines. Taoyuan's sister cities are Irvine, California and Kennewick, Washington.
Area: 34.80 km²
Elevation: 157 ft (48 m)
Population: 391,198 people (November 2007)