Area: 48,845 km² (World Rank 126)
Inhabitants: 5.45 Mio. (World Rank 109)
Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia
"Slovensko" redirects here. For the whole Slovene-inhabited territories in Central Europe, see Slovene Lands.
Slovakia (long form: Slovak Republic; Slovak: Slovensko (help·info), long form Slovenská republika (help·info)) is a landlocked country in Central Europe with a population of over five million and an area of about 49,000 square kilometres (almost 19,000 square miles). The Slovak Republic borders the Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east and Hungary to the south. The largest city is its capital, Bratislava. Slovakia is a member state of the European Union, NATO, OECD, WTO, and other international organizations.
The Slavic people arrived in the territory of present day Slovakia between the 5th and 6th century AD during the Migration Period (Migration of Nations). Various parts of Slovakia belonged to Samo's Empire, the first known political unit of Slavs, Great Moravia, the Kingdom of Hungary, Habsburg (Austrian) monarchy, Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia throughout history. Slovakia became independent on January 1, 1993 with the peaceful division of Czechoslovakia in the Velvet Divorce.
Slovakia made economic reforms such as massive privatization and flat tax. In 2006, Slovakia reached the highest growth of GDP (8.9%) among the members of OECD. Slovakia joined the European Union in 2004 and will join the Eurozone in 1 January 2009.