Mudanjiang is a metropolitan area in China
Inhabitants: 1,010,000 (World Rank 461)
Current Time:  
Flag China
Mudanjiang (Chinese: 牡丹江; pinyin: Mǔdānjiāng; Manchu: Mudan bira) is prefecture-level city in Heilongjiang province of the People's Republic of China. Mudanjiang is the seat of Mudanjiang prefecture. Mudanjiang is a city with a power plant. Mudanjiang has a railway junction and an airport. Mudanjiang is about 160 km from the Russian city of Vladivostok; population of 767,000.
The region's premier tourist attraction is Jingpo Lake famous for its craggy limestone cliffs (similar to those of Guilin) and its turquoise waters containing Ericton fish and fresh water coral.