Area: 160 km² (World Rank 189)
Inhabitants: 34,000 (World Rank 188)
Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein
The Principality of Liechtenstein (IPA: /ˈlɪktənstaɪn/) (German: Fürstentum Liechtenstein, IPA: [ˈfʏʁstəntuːm ˈlɪçtənʃtaɪn]) is a tiny, doubly landlocked alpine country in Western Europe, bordered by Switzerland to its west and by Austria to its east. Mountainous, it is a winter sports destination, although it is perhaps best known as a tax haven. Despite this, it is not heavily urbanised. Many cultivated fields and small farms characterise its landscape both in the north (Unterland) and in the south (Oberland). It is the smallest German-speaking country in the world.