Calypso Instructions
Calypso is a game in which you totally have to cover various boards with pieces of different forms. The falling pieces will be placed by clicking a field of the board. Click into the field on which the marked field of the piece shall be placed.

Each piece has a marked field. You cannot change the marking. The falling pieces cannot be rotated.

Each board is divided into areas. Connected fields of the same color form an area. When an area is totally covered with pieces, it will be released from the pieces and the color of the area changes to yellow or blue. Now the area can be covered again. As soon as all areas have been released once, the level increases and the next board is shown. Black fields cannot be covered.

The game is finished, if ten pieces could not be placed within a level.

There are 10 different speeds. The speed of the falling pieces increases every 70 seconds. The tenth speed is the maximum speed.

The game can be interrupted, whenever you want, but the number of not placed pieces within the level you are playing at that time increases by one. If you solve one level, the number of unplaced pieces goes back to 0.


a placed piece:
  1 to 3 points (depending on the number of fields of the piece) * level

one released area:
  10 points * the number of fields of the area * level

one solved level:
  500 points * level

Areas can be released multiple times and the points for that can be pocketed just so often! But it's clever to cover all areas only once, to get to the next level faster. The higher the level, the more points you can get.